We can be our own worst enemy.  Continually doubting ourselves and setting goals only to not realize them because of a lack of faith in our ability.  Imagine living life with no hope and never realizing your dreams because of fear of failure.  It happens too often and not because of anyone else’s doing but instead due to your own limiting self beliefs.  The good news is that you can do more and even be more then you ever dreamed possible.  You just have to work harder then you want to, harder then you think you can, and harder then you did yesterday.

What you tell yourself everyday plays an important part in helping you realize your goals.  You must believe it to achieve it!

Each day is a gift, and it should be accepted and used with appreciation, love and respect.  Wake up and acknowledge this gift. Give thanks to a higher power for giving you one more day. Love yourself enough to challenge yourself to do better then the day before.  Respect the role that you play in making your life and the lives of those around you a wonderful place to be. Work harder at being the best you.

Maybe this means getting up earlier in the morning to allow time for exercise, meditation or prayer.  Perhaps it involves taking time each day to recognize success and determine what can be learned from mistakes.  It could involve allowing time to intentionally breathe in and breathe out to focus on what it is you are working harder to achieve.

Very few things come easily, and those that do come easy are never quite as rewarding as those that are earned by our sweat and determination.  Life should be about doing what you love so that you can spend time with the ones you love.  Doing what you love does not mean it won’t be hard.  Work harder because you know each step in the process is worth every ounce of effort you put into it.

Believe in yourself and trust in your ability to do what must be done.  Don’t listen to those voices that tell you that you can’t do it.  Keeping working harder then ever before and…

Work for it! Live the life you want!

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