“You learn something new everyday.” I have heard this my entire life and have even shared it with others. Well, this week I learned more about something that is relatively new to me.  I say relatively because even though I have heard of virtual dental office assisting for a while now; I never really understood the concept behind it.  That all changed this week, however, after a telephone conversation with Jill Coon.

Jill was responding to a Facebook request that I had made asking for help with medical cross coding for a local office manager study club meeting that I had this past week. She graciously agreed to help me, and we arranged a time to speak on Tuesday evening.  As a side note, I think it is a testimony to the dental community that we are all so willing to help each other out and share our knowledge.  Jill and I spoke about dental insurance codes and the corresponding medical and diagnostic codes.  She helped me gather the information that I needed to be able to present our group relevant information.

After we finished discussing insurance, we spoke about our professional backgrounds.  Jill is a dental virtual office manager for several practices large and small, and she asked me if I had ever considered becoming one.  I, of course, had not because I really did not know a lot about the business.  She discussed her ability to go into these practices after hours and file and follow-up on outstanding insurance claims, recall appointments and past due accounts.  She told me that by doing this it allowed the dental team more time to focus on the patient.  It sounded like a great idea; or did it?

I had questions, or rather I had one big question.  Who would really want to hire someone who they had no daily direct dealings with and allow them access to their practice software and patient information? Especially if you did not really know that person.  It intrigued me though, so I decided to think on the possibilities.  I went to my office manager study club meeting on Wednesday, and we discussed cross coding, filing insurance claims and front desk duties.  After listening to fellow office managers, assistants and front desk team members discuss their daily D & D (dilemmas and drama), it hit me.  The dental world needs qualified dental virtual office assistants.  There are many practices out there that can benefit from someone helping them with the business aspect of the dental front desk so that they can spend their time focusing on new and existing patient relationships.

Dentist would need to do their homework, however, and make sure that they are hiring qualified people.  Someone who is familiar with dental insurance and has a solid, proven background in the business aspect of the dental front office. I believe, that with the right people, this would be beneficial and profitable  for dentists who are looking to improve their patient experience in their practice.  More importantly, I know that I am the right person to help in this area.  It is yet another way to continue to help dental teams stay focused on the most important part of our practice…the patient.  This is what TCB Dental Consulting is all about, and I am excited to help “Take Care of the Business” of Dentistry!

If you think that this is something you would be interested in, please contact me at lisamarie@tcbdentalconsulting. As always, I am here to help you “Take Care of the Business” of your dental front office.  Don’t forget to visit my website at www.tcbdentalconsulting.com.  Thank you, thank you very much!