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Is the team communicating effectively with patients?

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Listening as a Communication Skill

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The Front Desk Lady’s Tools Can Help Share the Purpose of the Practice

Consistently engaging in meaningful conversation is as easy listening to your patients. A motivated, well trained front office team is crucial to providing the best impression possible. Learn phone techniques for new patient, shopper, emergency, confirmation and recare calls which exceed the patient’s expectations every time.

Daily traffic through the front office (patients checking in and out, phones ringing, treatment planning, etc.) may seem like a distraction from tasks such as filing insurance, confirming appointments and processing incoming mail. However, these interactions are a by-product of excellent patient care. Successfully prioritizing daily responsibilities and focusing on the patient first translates to a profitable practice. Learn techniques for executing daily tasks – such as effective morning huddles, personal leadership skills and enabling the team – that create a smoother day enabling the focus to remain on the patient.

Learn the communication skills necessary to create an exceptional patient experience and grow the practice building lasting relationships that focus on the patient.

“I am so thankful I was able to attend Lisa’s workshop at the Toledo Dental Society Spring Clinic. It was great to hear information that I could implement into my work at the Front Desk. Lisa has been in the field for so many years and offered much insight and shared resources with all who attended! Thank you, Front Desk Lady!”


Tania Avers; Front Desk Coordinator, Dr Glen Davis

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