Limitless – Reflections of 2016

As 2016 slowly comes to an end, it seems right to pause and look back on a year of limitless opportunities and possibilities. It was a year of changes and constant moving. A year of reflections of what was and what was to come.

Limitless in 2016 was a frequent mantra as I worked towards choosing better and stopped trying and starting doing. It was the year that I sought, found, and embraced my passion. A passion that led me to my purpose – the belief that everyone has a story. What they need is someone to share it with.

Videos with Purpose – POPIn

Having found my purpose, it was time to start sharing your stories. #POPIn was created to allow others to share what they do and why they do it with everyone in our industry. Their stories reflections of our purpose.

Burning My Boat 

2016 was a year of great change, as I transitioned from full time practice administrator to full time coach and speaker. A time of great expectations and real fear, as for the first time in my life, I became a full time entrepreneur and burned my boat!  Responsible for my own success, I am independent. There would be late night reflections regarding my sanity mixed with an overwhelming joy of having the courage to pursue my dreams and take the jump.

2016 has indeed been a limitless year, and I hope that you have chosen to be limitless with me. I pray that you have pushed yourself harder, challenged your beliefs, and found your purpose.

Celebrate Success

As you ponder your own reflections of 2016, give yourself credit for every success. Please know that everything was a success because even in our mistakes we learn, and learning is the best way to succeed.

Please comment below and share your success stories!

Abundant Living

Believe that all of these successes will lead to #AbundantLiving in 2017!

Wishing everyone a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas and an Abundant New Year!!!



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