Build Better Relationships ~


Engage with everyone! Learn to engage with those around you, and benefit from long lasting relationships in the practice. Last month I introduced the R.E.D method. We learned that great communication skills happen when we Relate to others, Engage people with and in meaningful conversations, and Deliver our “purpose” in a consistent manner. The R.E.D. method helps teams build stronger relationships with each other and their patients by improving their communication skills to better share the purpose of the practice.

In the August post, Stop Seeing Red, and Start Practicing the R.E.D. Method, we reviewed three steps to better relate to others. Now let’s learn three new steps to engage our patients, the team, and everyone that we meet to keep our practices thriving.

Three Steps to Better Engage with Others ~

Develop Emotional Connections

1 ~ One of the most effective ways to engage patients is to show them that they are dealing with an individual and not “just” a dental clinic. Be personable and share your stories that relate to their concerns, but be careful to not over power their story.

Everyone as a part of the team

2 ~  We all like to feel like we are part of a team, and our patients are no exception. Listen to what your patient is sharing and don’t hesitate to ask their permission to share their good news on your social media accounts or in patient newsletters.

Build a community

3 ~  Community and online forums are here to help others learn. Directly engage patients by answering their questions and having discussions that are relevant to our industry. Keep them updated by sharing information that they care about or are looking for.

Use your communication skills to better engage and watch your personal and professional relationships grow. In the dental practice, building relationships with our patients and teams is a critical part of keeping those we value most returning to our practices. What are you waiting for? Begin to engage with those you value the most, and come back in October to learn the final step in the R.E.D. Method ~ Deliver!

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Photo courtesy of Julie Varney, CDA,RDA,COA,FAADOM ~ The Dental Assistant Coach