Thumbs up!


That’s the sign Julie and I gave when asked if we would like to go faster on our boat tour of Hilton Head with our lovely host Trish and her husband Captain Gregg, aka Jack of All Sparrows. Positive persuasion to let them know we were all in!

We all need some positive persuasion in our lives. Whether it’s a really fast boat ride or a kind word spoken, it’s important for our well being to hear or experience good things. Words matter – a previous blog explains how a few words spoken at just the right time can make anyone feel better.

A wonderful form of positive persuasion is a smile. That small movement that inspires a lasting effect of joy is universally known and appreciated by everyone. It can brighten even the dreariest of days.  A smile makes you feel better too – putting those endorphins to work!!!

These days everyone is in hurry. And now that summer vacation is almost over, we will all start rushing around to get ready for back to school.  Before you know it, fall decorations will be displayed in store windows.  What sort of positive persuasion do you need to slow down and just enjoy the moment?

It isn’t easy to slow down. You can’t keep up with the competition if you’re not focused on the next big event. It can be challenging, but there are others out there who also want to enjoy what is left of the summer. They aren’t ready to be reminded that fall and colder weather will soon be here.

Why not have an end of summer special instead of a fall extravaganza? Everyone can make the most of these last beautiful days of summer with a little positive persuasion!

Can I get a thumbs up?


Practice the Power of Positive Persuasion!