A cup of coffee in my hand, the sun rising to the east, and the sound of waves gently crashing to the shore. These are the sights and sounds that I’m enjoying on this beautiful morning. It is a trip that we waited 30 years to take, and it is worth every day that it took to get here. Staying married 30 years is something to be celebrated. Anyone who has travelled on this journey for this long or longer understands that. It is not always about being “in love.” Staying in love is a choice, and sometimes, a lot of the time actually, it is about the choices we make. The choice to stick it out, to be there for each other when things get tough – and they do get tough. It is about making the choice to allow for peaceful transitions from one period of your life into the next.

We have heard much about peaceful transitions this past month, and political beliefs aside, I think we can all agree that transitions are a necessary part of growth. I am not the same person that my husband married 30 years ago, and he too has changed. We have changed both physically and mentally. We have experienced great joy and deep sorrow together, and yet through it all, here we are. We chose to make these transitions together and are stronger because of that.

Growing together is the best part of any relationship, including the relationships in our practices. Transitions are about allowing each other to explore new opportunities and becoming a stronger team while taking care of those that matter most to us. Just like any good marriage, we take our commitment seriously, always doing what is best for team.

Transitions and/or changes will happen whether we want them to or not. What we can control is how we react to those changes. It’s a new year, and full of opportunities for growth. Choose to look at these changes optimistically. Think abundantly and watch your attitude and the atmosphere of the practice and the team improve.

Our choices may not always work the way we thought. That’s ok. Learn from this and use the lessons learned as a way to help transition into whatever is next. If you have ever been in a relationship then you know it is not about being perfect, it is about being perfect for each other.

Watching the beautiful colors of the Caribbean Sea dance across the shoreline, I am reminded that like the constant rising and ebbing of the sea, we must continue to keep coming back. Choose to stay committed and live abundantly.

This is my wish for you!