Peace, Prosperity, and Pineapples

2017 ~ A year filled with new adventures, and new friends were made while exploring new cities.  A year filled with changes. Changes that offered an amazing opportunity for self reflection. A chance to determine what is most important to me. And I found it in these three words ~ Peace, Prosperity, and Pineapples.


World peace, inner peace, or simply a little peace and quiet are things that we have all wished for at some time in our lives. Peace means different things to different people. It can be the end to the pain and suffering of conflict or it can be that feeling of calmness we get when we feel that everything is as it should be in our own lives. Both of these objectives are good and needed. They give us a sense of purpose in an otherwise mixed up world. A purpose to be pursued wholeheartedly. Live well, be well. Find peace in your life. Peace is what I seek most in 2018.


There is much to said for enjoying the riches that life has to offer. Not the financial riches that some may seek, but the richness of a single moment in time that can never be replaced or repeated. Time is the one great equalizer for all of us. Nor can we escape this life with worldly possessions. We can only hope to have lived a life rich with happiness and love. A life filled with memories of precious moments that cannot be spent and will not loose their value. That is a prosperous life. It is this prosperity that I seek in 2018.


A sweet fruit that can act as a metaphor for some of us. Pineapples have a tough exterior. This allows them to grow and develop a sweet center to be shared with others. They stand tall and proud. Their majestic crown a symbol of the value that we should place on our lives and help us share that value with the world. A symbol of hospitality, pineapples welcome all who would join us on this journey called life. Pineapples are what I seek to be like in 2018.

Changes are Coming

Change is never easy, nor should it be. It is, however, the only way to become who you were meant to be. Change is a journey. The journey starts right now in 2018 with Peace, Prosperity and Pineapples. It begins with finding inner peace, enjoying each moment~because that is where true prosperity is, and standing tall and staying sweet believing that you are valuable and valued.

2018 is full change for me too. There will no longer be a monthly newsletter, but I will stay in touch. I am journeying to new places, and I want to share that journey with all of you. Looking forward to what lies ahead, I know that whatever happens it will be what I make of it. This is my wish for all of you.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Until next time, I wish you all Peace, Prosperity, and Pineapples!