I am assuming if you are reading this blog, then you follow some other forms of social media as well; and if you do then you have probably noticed that in at least one of your news feeds at some point in time someone has asked for guidance with writing a team member’s job description. Unfortunately, even if you find a pre-written description, most of these canned forms are inaccurate or outdated and do not adequately describe what should be done in order to satisfy the demands of an individual practice.  The question then becomes how to create customizable job descriptions that are tailored to a specific team.  Well here’s a thought, why not create your own and have the entire team help?  Not only is this a more effective way to create descriptions, it is also much more detailed and accurate.  Below are 3 steps for writing effective job descriptions.

  1. Ask the team to write a detailed list of their daily, weekly and monthly duties.  This list should include not only the tasks that are to be completed but the steps necessary to ensure that they are done correctly. Make sure that the tasks are written in the order in which they are to be completed.  The objective is to have a job description that aids in training future team members and can be used to create systems manuals that inform team members how to perform each of these duties.
  2. Have the office manager or practice administrator and the dentist(s) make a list of the duties that they expect to be completed by each team member.  Use this list to compare to what the team has written and make notes of any differences.  Are the team members doing more or less than what is expected of them?
  3. Hold team meetings to review job descriptions.  I suggest breaking the meetings into administrative, clinical and hygiene to be able to address each of the groups concerns in depth without distractions.

These 3 steps for writing effective job descriptions will help your team know in advance what is expected of them.  This gives the team ownership of their duties as they worked with you to create them.  You have the added bonus of being able to build the practice’s systems manual with the team’s descriptions so that everyone on the team can step in and help out when someone is out of the office unexpectedly.

Want to know more about creating office manuals and job descriptions?  Contact the Front Desk Lady for more detailed information.

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